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Sirsshhaa Rakshit is a woman of many talents. She is a Musician, Playback Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Actor, Model and Youtuber. Her images for Enlighten India Productions, under the brand name of EIP, wherein she wears a saree and poses in an iconic rustic but regal Bengali manner, stay in the mind and take us to a time when Bengali meant elegance and tranquility. Enlighten India Productions is delighted to have worked with her, and her banners were triumphantly shown at Kolkata’s Bengali Heritage Hub, Nandan, on May 28, 2022. Dipanwita Majumdar is the Founder | Producer | Chairperson | Editor of Enlighten India Productions & Associate Editor of DINKAAL Newspaper. Sirsshhaa Rakshit on EIP, Enlighten India Productions. 

Sirsshhaa has embodied the main character of Bankim Chandra Chatterjee’s Devi Chaudhurani, first published in 1884. Following closely behind Anandamath, Bankim Chandra reiterated his demand for a resurrected India, based on ancient Indian principles of austerity, commitment, and selflessness, to combat the British Empire’s tyranny with power from among the ordinary people. It is yet another significant work in Bengali and Indian literature. The work was prohibited by the British because it fueled the patriotic battle for Indian independence from the British Empire. The restriction was eventually abolished by the Indian government following independence. In this work, Bankim Chandra reaffirmed his opinion that the only way to get freedom is via violent struggle with the Royal Army. Devi Chaudhurani, as she is called in Bengali, is a Bengali Robin Hood who frequently steals money from the wealthy and distributes it to the poor. She maintains an austere lifestyle and remains true to her roots throughout. Devi decides to aid her father-in-law (who has no idea who she is) in the finale, and he informs the British about her whereabouts. The boat is surrounded by the Royal Army, and the Major and a few troops board it. A few paddlers sit peacefully on the decks, providing little opposition. Only three ladies and two men are located on board the boat, and they are all awaiting him in the royal suite in silence. When the men and women in the room regain their composure, they are encircled by Queen’s Guards who had been waiting silently in disguise as sailors. Devi had won the fight, caught the opposing commander, and secured both her husband and father-in-law in a single great manoeuvre, all with minimal casualties. The Major and the other troops who were kidnapped with him have been imprisoned. Haraballabh and his son will be set free if his son marries their sister, according to the women in the room. He accepts, and Prafulla’s spouse, Braja, remarries her. Dipanwita Majumdar is the Founder | Producer | Chairperson | Editor of Enlighten India Productions & Associate Editor of DINKAAL Newspaper.

Devi is welcomed back into the family, and her intelligence, training, and leadership help the family and the community grow like never before. Devi was victorious in the fight. Sirsshhaa Rakshit on EIP, Enlighten India Productions. 

Enlighten India Productions is ecstatic to have her on board, and Sirshhaa is confident that she was the one who brought Devi to life. Her signature perfect flexibility, which allows her to fluidly flip between a number of emotions and portray any emotion, leaves a lasting effect on anybody who sees her work.

We’re interested to see what she accomplishes next, and Sirshhaa’s willingness to collaborate with Enlighten India Productions, under the brand name of EIP is really appreciated. For more details please feel free to reach us


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