Rajrani Das on EIP

Enlighten India Productions branded under the name of €iP and eipllp managed by Dipanwita Majumdar | Founder | Producer | Chairperson | Editor of Enlighten India Productions, Associate Editor of DINKAAL Newspaper, brings to you Rajrani Das as Binodini from Chokher Bali. Rajrani Das on EIP. Chokher Bali is a Bengali novel written by Rabindranath Tagore in 1903 that recounts the lives of the main heroine, Binodini, and her connections with three people. It delves into Binodini, a beautiful widow, and Mahendra, one of the three other key characters, as well as his difficult connection with Asha, his girl-wife, and her mutually contradictory love for Behari, Mahendra’s adoptive brother. The material also addressed women’s education, underage weddings, patriarchal dominance within the family, and the destinies of three widows. The novel follows the existence of these three and Mahendra’s closest friend as they cope with challenges such as mistrust, infidelity, deception, and frequent disagreements. Tagore skilfully penned a sorrowful, moving story on the deception and pain that arise from being dissatisfied and unhappy. The name ‘Chokher Bali’ literally means an eye irritant or an eyesore, which Asha and Binodini have become for one another. Binodini appears as a sad widow, a friend, a temptress, and a contrite lady. The main character Binodini is a lady with shades of grey and real human weaknesses, not an idealised Indian woman. Binodini cannot accept her existence as a widow since she is still young and has needs and dreams. She feels aggrieved since she believes she is superior to Asha in every way and deserves the life she has. Tagore’s portrayal of Binodini is noteworthy because she defies society’s notion that widows abstain from all worldly wants. Rajrani Das, who has also worked in Unity Pictures’ Paanchphoron, is a very talented individual who has brought Binodini to the world in this era. Enlighten India Productions, trademarked as €iP and eipllp by Dipanwita Majumdar, is thrilled to reveal Rajrani’s hoardings which will be prominently displayed at Nandan on August 18, 2022. In the future, €iP hopes to collaborate with the fantastic, talented, and adaptable Rajrani who brought Binodini’s emotions to life. Rajrani Das on EIP has been published. Fore more details please Reach Us

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