nlighten india Magazine’s team is humbled for all the love and support that the entire TV industry and the fans have been showering upon us. All our columns and cover stories have been received beautifully and we are overwhelmed with many e-mails and messages of appreciation from all our fans. September edition’s Cover Page is graced by the very handsome and talented actor Pearl V Puri. In this exclusive cover shoot you will see different aspects of his personality, something that you would have never seen before and he shares interesting and never heard pegs from his journey in the covers story. Apart from this the Writer Space features Niraj Kumar Mishra & also some interesting restaurants are noted down by Gita Hari. We had announced an interesting opportunity for all the fans to connect with us and let us know your favourite actor/actress whom you would want to more about and want us to cover them in the magazine. And what a tremendous response we got. Well, we of course can’t cover all actors in one edition, so we have commenced with features, wherein we will be able to cover more celebrities and you will get an interesting and an exclusive insight and views of your favourite celebs on various topics and festivals too. This edition we have special features on the Blissful Rains, our 72nd Independence Day and the beautiful and lovely festival – Raksha-Bandhan. Well, you can continue to message on our social media pages or shoot a mail to us at and share your favourite actors whom you want to see in the upcoming editions. We will try and fulfil your wishes and choices and cover the actors and to know more follow us on Instagram and like us on Facebook. And this is not it..! There are a few more surprises and new columns that will be commenced in the next edition. So don’t forget to subscribe your copies to know what these columns would be about.
On that note, see you for now..! Happy reading..!

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