Floor Action by Enlighten India Productions is a vast part of EIP culture under eipllp. Under the expert conduct of Dipanwita Majumdar | Founder | Producer | Chairperson | Editor of Enlighten India Productions under the brand name of EIP and eipllp, Associate Editor of DINKAAL Newspaper, Floor Action consists of many interesting and unique ideas. It covers Magazine shoots, Hoarding shoots, Brand shoots, Portfolio Shoots, Newspaper Shoots along with Commercial Videos. Photoshoot Videography in Enlighten India Productions. All of these fall under the Production House of Enlighten India Productions under the brand name EIP and eipllp. Dipanwita Majumdar has had tremendous success with her Production House for Enlighten India Productions with all these shoots. Nowhere else on the planet has mankind shown itself in such a dazzling, creative mix of cultures, faiths, ethnicities, and languages. Today is the day to reaffirm our dedication to unity in diversity, fraternity, and equality among all our residents by appreciating the commonality of great differences. For commercials, documentaries, scriptwriting, short films and stories, audio and video albums, movies, online series, and events. The Production House offers photography and videography with voice over. Videography in Enlighten India Productions. Enlighten India Productions, It’s An International Global Mark on the Fashion World. Magazine shoots, hoarding shoots, brand shoots, portfolio shoots, newspaper shoots, and commercial video shootings are all covered. All of them are produced by Enlighten India Productions and are marketed under the brand names EIP and eipllp. With all of these shootings, Dipanwita Majumdar and her Production House for Enlighten India Productions have had amazing success. Nowhere else on the earth has humanity shown itself in such a vibrant, creative combination of civilizations, beliefs, races, and languages. By embracing our commonalities, we may reaffirm our commitment to unity in diversity, fraternity, and equality among all of our people. The Production House provides cinematography and filming with voice over for advertisements, films, playwriting, film clips and tales, sound / visual records, blockbusters, web series, and events. For more detail please Reach Us