DRISHTIKON Movie by EIP, releasing soon, is based on real life events. Directed & edited by Kunal Bhandari based on the script and dialogue of Sudip Bhattacharjee, DRISHTIKON by Enlighten India Productions under the brand name of €iP and eipllp under the expert management of Dipanwita Majumdar | Founder | Producer | Chairperson | Editor of Enlighten India Productions under the brand name of €iP and eipllp, Associate Editor of DINKAAL Newspaper is set to take Tollywood on a journey about just some of the many unethical doings happening in our society which aren’t talked about. In this motion picture, a real series of events has been put forth to the viewers. The story revolves around two main characters – a journalist Alo and a ten-year-old boy named Ayush. Alo is a journalist who visits an orphanage with some of her friends with lots of dry fruits, gifts and balloons, builds a rapport with every kid there except one. Ayush. He doesn’t speak a single word but looks at Alo with despair, grief and trauma in his eyes like she had never seen before. Ayush was put there by his neighbors when the torture that he suffered from his parents became unbearable in the neighborhood.

His parents kept him tied up in shackles which resulted in round bruises in his arms. The younger Ayush had days in his life where he sits in shackles in his own urine, can’t reach a bottle of water and cries himself for tears to drink. Ayush’s parents get into a fight with the mother accusing his father of not being there when she was pregnant with Ayush and his genetics for contributing to a “Special Child” while his father accuses her of having a premature baby voluntarily. Upon gathering knowledge about Ayush’s past Alo takes it upon herself to take Ayush home with her. The vivid portrayal of Ayush’s parents in this movie depict the tortures that a child in today’s world has to suffer, emotionally and more so than not, physically. Being a “special child”, he is treated brutally by his parents who think that he doesn’t deserve them as parents. This shameful tragedy is one that can be found in every nook and corner of today’s society if combed carefully. A few years later, a teenage Ayush is seen sitting in a classroom learning maths.

Can this day be the day when he finally realizes that his parents’ house and the orphanage were never really his home? Does he understand how a house represents just a building while a home describes a place where one feels safe and loved? Watch “DRISHTIKON” by Enlighten India Productions to find out. Releasing soon.

Director of Photography (DOP) & Colour Correction – Sandeep Kumar along with Assistant DOPs – Shanu and Tushar Ghosh, the makeup artist – Manisha Samanta, Kusum Kumari in Graphics and the Production Controller Pratap Naskar say that this film isn’t one that they can say that they had pleasure working in. According to Sandeep Kumar, Manisha Samanta, Kusum Kumari, Shanu and Tushar Ghosh and Pratap Naskar, they felt indebted to today’s society, to tell them a story that might be happening in someone’s home right now and make the viewers aware of the consequences. Kunal Bhandari and Sudip Bhattacharjee consider DRISHTIKON to be a mind-opener rather than just a movie or film. The ten-year-old Ayush is played by Marriz Mallick. Marriz Mallick’s expressions are what bring the character of Ayush to life in an orphanage. Ayush’s parents are played by Susmita Dey and Plaban Basu. As lovely as they are in real life, they really transcend into the psychopaths that were Ayush’s parents in the movie. Kid Ayush is played by Areen Das. Areen Das has never had a more challenging role but he has played it to perfection. Arannyo Roychowdhury portrays the teenage Ayush in DRISHTIKON and builds a great combination with Annie Sen. DRISHTIKON Movie by EIP has been notified. For more details please feel free to Reach Us.



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