The Elysium of Entertainment. “First  think, Second dream, Third believe and finally dare”.

Dreams are imperative to existence. And more than often, contradictions of these essential dreams with the overbearing reality, manifest as rough seas of life. But if these challenging waves, in an ethereal magic, transform to be tepid enough to keep afloat, and the sky above beams with the hope to continue on the path to dreams, then that convergence of ether and water, scatters across the horizon as a limitless rainbow. This manifestation of the ethereal magic is none other than Enlighten India Productions because it is the platform that truly acknowledges experiences, capabilities and competences. Every facet of Enlighten India Productions is thus synonymous to its dexterous crafty perfection, making €nlighten India Productions incomparable, impeccable and indisputable. Associates of Enlighten India Productions are their assets. 

Strengths in a SWOT analysis are the favorable internal activities, processes, and behaviors of a company (what a company does well). These are the factors that contribute to the success of the company and its brand. An organisation ‘s assets in a SWOT analysis are its favourable interior operations, procedures, and behaviors. These are the elements that influence the company’s and its brand’s success. For Enlighten India Productions under the brand name of EIP and eipllp under the expert management of Dipanwita Majumdar, its strength is the core members of the company. Without these people, Enlighten India Productions under the brand name of EIP and eipllp under the expert management of Dipanwita Majumdar can’t be thought of. The main members of Enlighten India Productions, operating under the brand names EIP and eipllp and led by Dipanwita Majumdar, are the company’s strength. Without these individuals, Enlighten India Productions, also known as EIP and eipllp, could not exist under the skilful direction of Dipanwita Majumdar.

Under Enlighten India Productions :  Production House, Publication House & Media House have been consolidated to form one  innovative single entity. Enlighten India Productions is not only a platform to fulfil the dreams that once felt impossible, but it is an ideal area as well to bring out hidden latent talents, which needed careful nurturing. Beyond the pettiness’s of prejudices, unfairness and partialities, the door of Enlighten India Productions is wide open for one and all. Enlighten India Productions is a close-knit family, where every member is equally valued, understood and cared for. Enlighten India Productions has made a name for itself in the fashion world. In the world of film production, the company has achieved tremendous success. Mrs. Dipanwita Majumdar is the Founder, Producer, Editor and Chairperson of this remarkable company. And aslo she is the Associate Editor of DINKAAL Newspaper. Many ambitious young people interested in Modelling, Photography, Acting and other Fashion fields have made their dreams come true by joining the company. On a national and international level. 

The Publication House hosts Photo Exhibitions, Art Gallery, Photoshoots for In-House Magazine – EIP, Beauty Pageant Shows, Fashion Show, Ramp Shows, Calendar Shoots, International Cultural Exchange, Brand Shoot, Hoarding Shoot, Portfolio Shoot and Monthly Edition International In-House Magazines – EIP (Print Media) of the company are examples of photoshoots. It also offers Celebrity Management services.

The Production House provides Photography and Videography with Voice Over for Commercials, TVC, Documentary Film, Script Writing, Short Films and Stories, Audio and Video Albums, Movies, Web Series, Mega Serial and Events.

The Media House includes the  ‘DINKAAL’  as a Newspaper comes in as the Print Media Partner.

The company has its office branches in Mumbai, Kolkata, and Oklahoma (USA), Near to California.


Associates of Enlighten India Productions 

 Dipanwita Majumdar – Founder, Producer, Chairperson, Editor of Enlighten India Productions under the brand name of EIP and eipllp, Associate Editor of DINKAAL Newspaper.

  • Anjan Kar – Fashion Admin of Publication House.
  • Sourav Mukherjee – Director of Photography (DOP) of Publication House.
  • Arijit Maity – Western Costume Designer.
  • Avijit Dutta – Creative Costume Designer.
  • Swarnangi Gupta – Ethnic Costume Designer.
  • Sonali Dey – Makeup Artist.
  • Subhojit Ghosh – Makeup Artist.
  • Sharmila Banerjee – Makeup Artist.
  • Mithun Ghosh – Photographer.
  • Runa Banerjee – Photographer.
  • Amit Mandal – Photographer.
  • Bunty Das – Videographer.
  • Arijit Adhikary – Graphics.
  • Srobon Bhattacharya – Graphics.
  • Ritama Ghosh – Writer.
  • Abhinandan Basu – Writer.
  • In-House Models :
    A. Anusua Roy.
    B. Dona Mandal.
    C. Sneha Biswas.
    D. Jhilmi Mukherjee.
    E. Moumita Mondal.
    F. Sreyasha Ghosh.
    G. Priya Majumder.  
    And Many More…….
  • Brand Model – Sani Singh.
  • Brand Ambassador – Rajrani Das.
  • Brand Singer – Sirsshhaa Rakshit.

These are the Associates of Enlighten India Productions and they are the assets of the Company is under the brand name of EIP and eipllp and under the expert management of Dipanwita Majumdar. Fore More details please contact us




Anjan Kar

Fashion Admin


Sourav Mukherjee



Arijit Maity



Avijit Dutta


Swarnangi Gupta



Sonali Dey

Make-Up Artist


Subhajit Ghosh

Make-Up Artist

Mithun Ghosh


Amit Mandal



Ritama Ghosh