Arpita Karforma on EIP

Arpita Karforma on EIP | Enlighten India Productions | Under the Brand Name of €iP and eipllp under the expert management of Dipanwita Majumdar | Founder | Producer | Chairperson | Editor of €nlighten india Productions under the brand name of €iP and eipllp, Associate Editor of DINKAAL Newspaper, bring to you Arpita Karforma, a unification of clouds and sunshine, as Giribala from a short story by Rabindranath Tagore. Manbhanjan is one of the greatest short tales by Rabindranath Tagore. Manbhanjan is set in Calcutta under the British Raj and centres mostly around a married couple, Gopinath and Giribala, who are no longer together. Gopinath, in particular, has fallen out of love with his wife and has turned to other vices such as alcohol and women. He is a frequent visitor to the theatre, where he has nothing but admiration for the star, Labanga. He has an extramarital romance with Labanga, driven by his passion and her attractiveness. Giribala, on the other hand, is devastated by her husband’s actions. Desperate to witness the lady who has won her husband’s heart, she attends the theatre herself to see Labanga in action. Meanwhile, Giribala felt like a queen with a throne but no subjects amid the isolation of her lonely adolescence.  What follows is a lovely story about a woman’s liberation from the chains of her marriage. Sudha, Giribala’s maidservant, used to sing to her a song that began, ‘Let me write myself a slave upon the soles of thy feet,’ and Giribala could feel in her imagination that her beautiful feet were fully worthy of bearing inscriptions of everlasting slavery from conquered hearts, if only they could be free in their career of conquest. Enlightened by the words, Giribala took it upon herself to shun lust and endearment towards earthly possessions like expensive garments and jewellery and surrendered herself to Lord Krishna. Enlighten India Productions branded under €iP and eipllp under Dipanwita Majumdar is overjoyed to announce Arpita’s hoardings displayed proudly in Nandan on 28th July, 2022. €iP is looking forward to working with the amazing, talented and well-adjustable Arpita who brought the emotional and possessional changes of Giribala to life in the future. Arpita Karforma on EIP | In-House Hoarding Shoot has been published. For more details please feel free to Reach Us

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